Find jobs in the Tesco food business

If you have a driving ambition to work in the Tesco food departments, or just think it might make a decent summer job, there are plenty of possibilities. Whether you want to start at the bottom, making sure those apples look rosy and the cereal boxes are stacked neatly, or whether you see yourself as a store manager surveying your serried aisles of produce, Tesco has an application process.

For those who want to start a career in retail, with a trainee position, the Tesco careers website at tesco-careers.com is the place to start, by checking the vacancies for management positions.

Fill in your application form and wait to be summoned to head office in London to explain your retail talents and fresh ideas. Actually it is worth immersing yourself in the unusual business culture of Tesco, an organisation where management is expected to be very flexible and hands-on.

If, for the time being, you just want to be hands-on with the produce, working on a checkout or in the food departments, it's best to make the approach direct to your local store. You can use the website store locator to help you find stores within a reasonable radius, and the website might also have information on local vacancies.

The important thing is to be personable and enthusiastic. You don't have to claim to have a lifelong love of Tesco food, just demonstrate that you can work as part of a team, and be ready to turn your skills to any task, as required. Initial wages at the bottom of the ladder are not much more than minimum wage, but there is the opportunity to progress quickly in the company.


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