How To Apply for a Tesco Express Employment Opportunity

Tesco operates a number of different stores, besides the standard supermarkets for which they are universally known. In recent years consumers have been provided with various types of Tesco outlets, including Tesco Metro, Tesco Extra, Tesco Homeplus and of course Tesco Express. Jobseekers throughout the UK may find that Tesco Express has an employment opportunity for them, as over a thousand of these stores currently exist in Britain.

Tesco Express stores are based around the model of the traditional local shop in Britain. These shops provide basic essentials and can be found in towns and cities of any size. Like any local shops, the Tesco Express stores are located in busy shopping districts as well as in residential areas. Tesco Express stores are also located on the forecourts of Esso service stations.

Those who wish to avail of a Tesco Express employment opportunity in their area are advised to visit the Tesco careers website before applying. Customer Assistants and both Day and Night Replenishers are required to work in the various stores, along with Team Leaders. Many Tesco Express stores have also been fitted out with self scanning tills. This means that customers can ring up their own purchases independently. In stores which offer this service, staff members are required to monitor the tills and to assist customers with queries and concerns. Further information about working for Tesco and roles within this company can be found on the Tesco careers website, at http://stores.tesco-careers.com/.


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