Head online for jobs with Tesco Direct

Tesco Direct is the online arm of Britain's biggest retailer. It arranges home deliveries on electrical goods, furniture, white goods, clothes, DVDs and much more. If you are looking for a career in retail, with a particular interest in online business, this is a potentially rewarding career avenue.

For all management careers vacancies within Tesco, you need to look at the Tesco careers website at tesco-careers.com. This will have details of specific vacancies, some of which may be with Tesco Direct.

Use the website's search facility to match up vacancies with your experience and qualifications.  Fill in an application form online and submit it to the Tesco human resources department.

If you are invited to interview at the head office in London, it will pay to do some research into the way the company, and particularly the Tesco Direct element, works.

Tesco is not as rigidly hierarchical as many businesses, and believes in management learning as much as possible about every aspect of the business. Even if you express a desire to work for Tesco Direct, you will still be expected to have an understanding about how the Tesco stores operate.

It's not all about selling sofas and sausages. Tesco has its own teams in Marketing, IT, Finance, Business Development, Publishing, Media Sales, Human Resources and Personnel, Direct Media and Retail Development and Operations.

Some or all of these roles will relate to work with Tesco Direct. Once you are within the Tesco management training scheme, you will have a chance to build a career where your interests and aptitudes lie.

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