Information Regarding Your Tesco Customer Assistant Employment Opportunity

A Tesco customer assistant employment opportunity requires you to work within Tesco offering friendly support to the customers. Job duties depend on the actual position you accept.

Replenishment assistants stock shelves and assist customers in finding items. If you work in this Tesco customer assistant employment opportunity, you also help unload trucks and make sure aisles are clear and kept free of clutter.

Team leaders oversee the replenishment assistants while also helping to keep shopping aisles clear. When you work in a Tesco customer assistant employment opportunity, you also handle work schedules and make sure every one on your team is aware of important news or events.

Salary and Benefits

A Tesco customer assistant employment opportunity offers starting wages of more than £6 per hour. In addition, employees receive a number of perks such as daycare vouchers and discounted services with Tesco banks. After six months of continued employment, you receive a discount card entitling you to 10 percent off your Tesco purchases. Tesco also offers a pension plan to help you save towards retirement.

When you've worked for at least three months in the Tesco customer assistant employment opportunity, you're eligible to purchase stocks every four weeks. Income put towards stocks purchases is not subject to taxes and insurance.

Every employee receives free shares of stock after their first year of employment. After that, they receive an option to put up to £50 into a tax-free savings plan for three to five years. At the end of that time period, the money is then used to buy discounted Tesco shares or receive a cash payout.

Tesco Stores

When you apply for this Tesco customer assistant employment opportunity, you might work in an Express, Extra, Home Plus, Metro or Tesco Superstore.

Express stores sell a range of grocery items, wines and spirits. While similar to Express stores, Extra stores sell foods but add other important items like cookware and table linens.

Metro stores are smaller and found in busy cities. These stores sell foods, specifically take-out, ready-to-eat entrees and desserts.

Tesco Home Plus stores sell items you need for your home that do not include foods. Items in the Home Plus stores include bedding, clothing and more.

Tesco Superstores are the largest stores where everything a customer needs is sold including electronics, foods and important services like banking or petrol. All of these five stores offer you a rewarding Tesco customer assistant employment opportunity.

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