Interested in Tesco Burnt Tree Island jobs? Check this out

As those of you who live in the Black Country town of Burnt Tree Island in Dudley will no doubt already know, the Tesco store that used to serve the town has closed for renovations as of January this year. However rather than leave the town's inhabitants without a Tesco until the new megastore has been completed, Tesco have instead opted to open up a temporary Tesco store in the Town Gate Retail Park on Birmingham Road.

While this temporary store has more than enough staff to keep it going thanks to the four hundred and twenty employees of the original store making the move over to it, the brand new mega store which opens later this autumn will be an astonishing three times larger than the store it replaced.

As some of you are no doubt thinking already, this will mean that there will be plenty of Tesco Burnt Tree Island jobs up for grabs in the very near future. It just goes to show how good stores like Tesco are to local areas when you consider that a medium sized outlet like the one that was recently knocked down and is in the process of being rebuilt brought more than four hundred jobs to the area on a part time and full time basis.

With plenty of opportunities set to arise later this year, ranging from till attendants to security guards to management staff to drivers to butchers, bakers and just about everything in between, there has never been a better time to get yourself into a brand new career with one of the biggest companies in the country.

For more information as well as all the job listings as and when they become available, keep an eye on tesco-careers.com.


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