Jobs at Tesco: The application form

Pick up your Tesco application form from your local store if a vacancy exists. Only a select few store vacancies are advertised on the company website, although if you are considering a corporate vacancy you will need to complete the online application process.

How to Find a Vacancy

A limited number of Tesco stores may recruit online. Go to the Tesco careers website and navigate to the "job search" page to find out if your local store is advertising its vacancies online. If you don't see any openings, this doesn't mean one doesn't exist - more likely, the store is only accepting paper applications.

If you can't find a suitable online vacancy, visit your local store to enquire about job opportunities. If the store is hiring, you should be able to obtain an application form from the customer service desk.

What to Expect on the Application Form

You can expect to find the standard questions on the job application form, such as your name and contact details. You will also be asked about your availability to work certain shifts, days and hours. For the best chance of getting an interview, make sure to list as many available times as you can.

The form also includes a questionnaire to determine if you have the right personality type for the store. You can expect to be asked questions such as "I am the sort of person who..." and given several multiple choice answers, such as "gives support to others" or "negotiates with others". You will need to choose the answers that are most - and least - like your personality. Make sure to read carefully and ensure your answers don't contradict each other.

What Happens Next

Once your Tesco application form is completed, hand it in to the store (or submit it online, if you are completing the online form). The store will review the application to see if your answers meet their needs. If you are selected, Tesco will offer you an interview and a trial on the shop floor, to see if the position is a good fit for you. The company commits to giving you a final yes or no answer within 10 days of the interview and try-out.


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