Different types of term time jobs

Term time jobs are predominantly found within a school or educational setting such as a college or university.

Lower foundation stage teachers are responsible for the delivery of structured learning to children attending for half a day. They are responsible for providing engaging and fun teaching methods to encourage the children to learn. Reception teachers also have an important job as they are responsible for laying the foundations for a child's learning. All teachers from primary through to secondary school have to undergo an intense period of training and development and complete the Postgraduate Certificate of Education to practice as a teacher or tutor.

Teaching assistants are another choice for term time jobs. Their role is to support the delivery of the national curriculum encouraging learning, supervising activities in the classroom and supporting the teacher accordingly. To work as a teaching assistant you will need to have an NVQ Level 2 minimum in supporting teaching and learning in schools in addition to food hygiene and first aid.

All schools will require a business manager and administrative assistant to look after the administrative functions of a school. The business manager will be responsible for collecting monies, maintaining computerised records of behaviour and attendance, word processing policies and supporting the administrative work of the head teacher. An administrative will work under the instruction of the business manager, meeting visitors, dealing with enquiries and visitors to the school, assisting with arranging events and school trips and updating records.

Other term time jobs include lunchtime supervisors, technicians, school kitchen staff helping with the preparation of school meals or a school crossing patrol officer. All of the above-mentioned jobs will be advertised through the local council or in the local newspaper as and when they arise. There are also some recruitment agencies such as Reed which advertise for term time jobs.


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