Looking for a temporary work agency in London? Check this out

As more and more people find themselves struggling to find work in the United Kingdom due to the current harsh economic conditions we all face on a daily basis, the role of temporary work and recruitment agencies is growing more and more important. These companies offer people great opportunities to find themselves top quality jobs, albeit on a temporary basis, in roles that they are both experienced in and qualified to carry out.

If you're looking for a temporary work agency in London, then this handy guide should be everything you need to get the ball rolling. First of all, it's important to understand just how these agencies work. Initially, you'll be asked for fill out a detailed application form. This form will contain all your education and prior work experience details. On completion, the company will use the information provided to match you up with vacancies that have been provided to them by their clients.

Often these vacancies are to cover for staff shortages, such as maternity or medical leave, holidays or a wide range of other things. Once you have been matched up with a position that suits your experience, you'll be given the information about the job and you'll start immediately.

Due to the nature of temping work, it is essential that you are as flexible and versatile as possible, as well as willing to learn quickly in order to settle into your new position as seamlessly as possible. In most cases you'll be paid directly by your temp agency, who will take a cut of the wage being paid to them by their client. While this means that you won't get quite as much as you would have had you found the job yourself, it does mean that you have less to worry about when it comes to finding regular work.

We recommend you check out the following agencies in the London area to have the best chance of finding yourself temporary work:

Tiger Recruitment, 50 Jermyn Street, London, 020 7917 1801

Abbey Recruitment , 18 James Street, London , 020 7495 4342

Tate, 7 Hanover Square, London, 020 7408 0424

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