Looking for temporary jobs in Horsham?

While it seems like everyone is still struggling to find work on the major online job search websites, an every increasing number of the shrewder job hunters are starting to look for alternatives. With competition levels so high in the online job market it is no wonder that recruitment agencies are starting to see a real resurgence in their level of popularity, and we cannot recommend them enough when it comes to finding temporary jobs in Horsham.

Go local

Unlike the major online job sites, finding temporary jobs in Horsham is a piece of cake when you use the right recruitment agencies. You won't need to spend countless hours sitting in front of a computer screen, nor will you have the worries associated with the job search on your shoulders any more.

All you need to do is call into one of your local recruitment agencies, fill out the application form that will be presented to you when you declare your interest in signing up, and then pass a short interview which will determine how suitable you are to be represented by the agency in question.

The majority of the temporary jobs in Horsham tend to be found within the clerical sector, so any previous office work experience you have will certainly help your case quite a bit. For the most part, temporary office work in Horsham pays between £7.85 and £8.30 per hour - although this can increase depending on how much previous experience you have.

If you're not sure of which recruitment agencies to approach, we recommend you take a look at the following;

  • First Recruitment Services, 26-27 West Street
  • Harris Lord Recruitment, Bishops Weald House, Albion Way
  • SLS Recruitment Services, 8 Sterling Buildings
  • Wisdom Recruitment Services, 28 North Street
  • Response Recruitment, 52 Springfield Road

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