Check online for temporary jobs in Durham

The beautiful cathedral and castle town in the north-east is a well loved tourist destination, but local industry is long past its prime. Unemployment has affected the region for decades, and the competition for temporary jobs in Durham is keener than ever.

For contracted office work, it is worth registering with an agency like Hays Recruitment (hays.co.uk) with an office in Durham, or looking for temp posts with uktemps.co.uk.

Temporary office workers in many cases share the same rights, entitlements and rates of pay as full-time staff, so check your contract carefully or talk about the issue with the agency.

Check the local press, specifically The Northern Echo (thenorthernecho.co.uk) and The Durham Times (durhamtimes.co.uk) for classified jobs sections, often featuring vacancies for temporary posts. You can register at the Durham Times site for email updates to give you notice when a new vacancy is being advertised.

Gumtree (gumtree.com/county-durham) is a great resource for part-time and temporary employment. The service sector in particular uses the site to recruit hotel staff, restaurant and kitchen workers and bar staff. Jobs are easier to come by during the summer holiday period, when there are vacancies for seasonal jobs and for holiday cover.

Competition for temporary jobs in Durham is so fierce that even students have been known to wake up early to check the new ads. If you see a job that appeals, don't waste any time, but apply immediately by email. Register with the site, so you can keep a record of all the job ads that have taken your interest.

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