Writing a CV around temporary jobs

Temporary jobs can offer valuable experience, but list too many on your CV and it could reflect badly on your career history. Many employers are reluctant to hire applicants who have moved around frequently and never stayed in the same role for more than a year. Follow these tips to make the most of your temp work and make sure that employers won't hold it against you...

If you temped at a company for one month or more, list it as a separate bullet point. You can decide whether or not to state it was a temp position.

For shorter temp positions, group them under the agency name. Note the dates, the position and a sample listing of the larger companies you worked for.

Highlight any temp jobs that led to a permanent position or extended contract. This well prove that you have impressed companies in the past, and will impress your perspective employer.

Create a separate section in your CV for temp work if you did a variety of jobs over an extended period. List the agency and its location, dates of work, types of work and list of companies.

A functional CV is ideal for handling a long list of temp jobs. Organise your work experience by skill.You don't have to include everything on your CV. If the role was not particularly relevant to the job you're applying for, you can leave it off. Just be sure to explain any long (over two months) gaps in your work history.


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