Temporary employment agencies rates

In today’s employment market some employers aren’t able to offer additional roles for permanent staff because of the worry that they will need to downsize again. For this reason a lot of middle managers have to employ temporary staff or take on contracted workers. Temporary employment agencies rates are normally very high but you’ll be taking on a member of staff that you can drop at any point, which has a lot of advantages, and the business isn’t having to cover sick pay or make pension contributions.
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General costs of using employment agencies

While there’s a lot of flexibility when you take on a member of staff through an agency, you’ll have a monthly bill to pay that exceeds the amount you’d be paying the worker if he or she was employed. Temporary employment agencies rates differ depending on the type of role, how well established the agency is and the worker’s experience.

Temporary worker fees

You’ll need to pay the worker’s basic salary plus a percentage. The rate can be negotiated so you could save your firm cash if you play your cards right. Approaching an agency when you have multiple jobs open or guaranteeing them the work, are great bargaining tools.

Temporary to permanent fees

If you get a worker that you’d like to take on, you’ll need to pay a finder’s fee to the agency. This is something that you should work out before you see any candidates. Don’t take someone on and then approach the agency as the worker will have been telling the recruiter just how much he likes working for you which will weaken your negotiating position.

Final word

The average recruitment cost per vacancy in the UK is around £4,500. When you factor in the time spend interviewing, the advertising costs and the time taken up by the HR and legal departments working behind the scenes to get contracts ready, there are a lot of people involved with every recruitment. You save some costs when you use an external agency and you’ll get a more tailored service, particularly if you’re working within a support function like marketing or finance as your HR department won’t be used to recruiting your type of worker.

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