Where to look for a temporary Christmas job

During the Christmas period a number of part time and temporary positions usually become available. Jobseekers can find that a temporary Christmas job may be on offer in their local supermarket, shopping centre or post office.

The vast majority of shops and supermarkets become extremely busy Christmas. If you are looking for a temporary Christmas job in a local store you are advised to speak with the shop's manager directly. Ensure you have an up-to-date CV on hand when visiting the shop, and highlight any relevant experience you may have.

The period leading up to Christmas and the month of December in particular are extremely busy for the Royal Mail. While the public is advised to mail packages and cards as early as possible each year, there will always be a dramatic increase in the amount of items moving through the postal system. As a result of this the Royal Mail actively recruits additional staff during the Christmas period.

Each year staff at the Royal Mail can expect to be sorting through over 130 million items every day. This is twice the average daily figure for the remainder of the year and necessitates the recruitment of seasonal staff. Generally the Royal Mail employs approximately 15,000 temporary Christmas workers.

If you wish to apply for a temporary Christmas job with the Royal Mail, you will first have to search through their jobs database to find seasonal positions in your area. Once you have located a suitable role you can submit your application online. Salaries are competitive and shift work may be assigned. Further information can be found at royalmail.com/jobs-home-page/xmas.


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