Find temporary beauty jobs

Writing Your CV and Covering Letter

Before you search for perfect temporary beauty jobs you first need to prepare a concise and clear CV and covering letter.

Most beauty parlours will not hire a temporary member of staff unless they have at least some experience in the sector specifically, as they do not want to have to train someone they only plan to keep for a short period of time.

As such, you should flag up any relevant experience that you have in the beauty industry at the top of your CV's work history section and in the first paragraph of your covering letter.

Furthermore, where possible, write about how your beauty experience makes you the perfect candidate to fulfil a temporary job and any promotions, pay rises or qualifications obtained during your work history.

What to do if you Don't Have Any Beauty Industry Experience?

Although you may find getting temporary work difficult without any experience, it's not impossible.

Firstly, you can emphasise the clear fact that you have maintained your own personal beauty for many years — it pays to turn up looking very presentable to any interviews to demonstrate this.

Secondly, you can search for either long-term temporary beauty jobs or entry-level temporary jobs.

Finding Your Temporary Beauty Job

There are several websites that specifically advertise beauty jobs, such as Hairandbeautyjobs.com, Beautyjobsonline.com and Hji.co.uk/Jobs.

Visit these websites and enter your specific location in order to refine the search and present a list of acceptable vacancies. Where possible, you should also click "temporary" to weed out any other types of vacancy.

Alternatively, you can use local temporary staff recruitment agencies in your local area, such as Blue Arrow or Brook Street.

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