Temporary job agencies - How to increase your chances

Temporary job agencies may be the answer for you if you have been unemployed for a while now and are running low on funds. After all, a temp job is better than no job at all and you still need to make ends meet in between.

What is a job agency?

A job agency serves as an intermediary between you and prospective employers. It matches your skills-set to employers who are looking for them.

How soon can I get a job through an agency?

Getting the job you want

The problem is, there are many job seekers just like you who have applied through the agency. The same job lead can be notified to many other applicants.

Getting a temp job

Fortunately, some agencies arrange some temp work for its database of job seekers. This helps them to tide over financially until they do get the job they want. By making yourself available for temp work (in addition to the job you are seeking), you have upped your chances of getting hired substantially.

What can I do to further increase my chances?

Get yourself tested

Have you taken all of the tests that are relevant to the job you want? This proves your job competency. After all, the other job applicants may possess equal educational qualifications. Your job competency may be what sets you apart.

Update your CV

If you have been without a job for a while now, do something differently. Update your CV or alter it altogether. Think of how you can make your CV more relevant to the job and to the person who is looking at CV after CV.

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