Looking for temping jobs in London? This guide will help

If you've gotten so sick and tired of looking for a full time permanent position that you have abandoned the whole idea and are instead searching for temping jobs in London, then it might surprise you to learn that you're certainly not alone. The incredible levels of competition in the search for full time work in London has become such that many people are simply giving up on the hope of finding anything until the economy improves.

While this might sound like a defeatist attitude, often it is the most sensible one. Assuming that you're going to look for temporary or part time positions, you could actually stand more chance finding work by doing your best to avoid the full time job market.

When it comes to finding temping jobs in London, the majority of positions on offer tend to be clerical in nature. This will suit anyone who has previous experience working in the office environment. While it used to be possible for people with no experience to get their foot in the door of jobs this way, that is now highly unlikely due to the large numbers of people fighting for the same limited numbers of positions.

In order to make yourself stand out from the crowd, we recommend you have a strong working knowledge of computers including those using the Windows operating system, as well as software such as Microsoft Office and Lotus Notes. You can expect to earn between £7.30 and £8.10 per hour for your temporary work, but it can open doors for a potential full time position down the line, so always make sure to put in as much effort as possible.

The following agencies can help you find a temp job in London in no time at all;

  • Tate Recruitment, 7 Hanover Square
  • Office Angels, 71-75 Buckingham Palace Road
  • Attic Recruitment, Kenilworth House, 79-80 Margaret Street
  • Blue Arrow Recruitment, 69 Buckingham Palace Road


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