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Finding work these days seems to have become a full time job all on its own due to the economy. With so many people out of work and all vying for the same number of limited job vacancies, it is no wonder that so many people are so overwhelmed with their own job prospects. And since there are no immediate signs of things improving within the next six to twelve months, you are going to have to take things into your own hands to make sure you get the job that you deserve. A great place to start your job hunt would be at a temping agency. These agencies will help you get your foot in the door for many jobs. If you are looking for temping agencies Staffordshire, we will be listing some places for you to contact in the area.

Most temping agencies will specialize in a particular field of business or profession such, as accounting, general labour, health care, technical or secretarial. When you apply to a temping agency, you will need to have a copy of your resume and you will most likely be asked to take a set of standard tests that will judge your competence in clerical and sectrarial skills. Your CV and test scores are then put into a database and so that whenever a possible employer seeks a worker, they can look up your attributes and qualifications and see if you are a fit. If you are someone who fits the job, then you will receive a phone call. This is where you will be informed about the job, what the correct work attire is, work hours, wages, and who you will report to. As a temporary worker, you can earn between £7.00 to £8.10 per hour of your time.

Some great temping agencies Staffordshire area are:

Cream RecruitTudor House2 The ColonnadeStafford01785 227 260

Brampton Recruitment10 Queen StreetNewcastle under Lyme01782 667 591

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