Find a Job with Temping Agencies in Cardiff

There is a huge selection of temping agencies in Cardiff. Because Cardiff is a corporate hub and primary centre for commerce, many job opportunities exist. Temping agencies in Cardiff match prospective job applicants with temporary positions -- and, less frequently, permanent opportunities -- with companies in the city and surrounding areas.

Below is a selection of temping agencies in Cardiff, with contact details and addresses.

Office Angels

Office Angels provides companies with secretarial and office support staff. The agency prides itself on being the industry leader in the category and has been in business since 1986. The Cardiff location of Office Angels is based at 140 Queen St, Cardiff and can be reached by telephone at 029 2038 2782.

Blue Arrow

The Blue Arrow office is located at 13 Duke Street, Cardiff and can be contacted by phone at 029 2034 5566. Blue Arrow is a national recruitment chain, specializing in the office, industrial, driving and catering jobs. It is one of the UK's largest temping agencies, and the Cardiff location has numerous vacancies for interested workers.

Brook Street

Brook Street is a large national temping agency. The office in Cardiff is based at 20 High Street, Cardiff and you can speak to a consultant or make an appointment by calling 029 2039 7471. Brook Street offers a wide variety of permanent jobs in addition to temporary vacancies.

Red Recruitment

The Red Recruitment agency has a narrower focus than the other temping agencies in Cardiff listed above. This agency is primarily focused on accountancy jobs in the South Wales area, helping qualified candidates find their ideal job in this specialized industry. Visit the office at 28 St. Mary St, Cardiff or reach them by phone at 029 2041 4991.

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