We check out the best way to find temp jobs in Southend on Sea

With increased levels of unemployment across the United Kingdom making it harder and harder to have a successful job search within a reasonable time frame it's understandable why an increasing number of Brits are starting to become disheartened with the job search process. These days there is more competition than ever when it comes to finding temp jobs in Southend on Sea, so you're going to need to take an alternative approach if you are going to find work as quickly as possible.

Spending hours on end sitting in front of a computer clicking your way through countless job sites is no way to conduct a job search, especially when the chances of getting so much as a single response have been reduced to tiny percentages thanks to the number of people applying for almost every position listed.

Instead of taking this approach, you are much more likely to find temporary positions by seeking out the help of one of your local recruitment agencies. By filling out a simple application form which gives details of your previous work experience, education and qualifications, you'll be entered into the company's system and matched up against new vacancies which require filling.

These temporary jobs will usually see you filling in for existing staff within local companies who are away on holiday, term time or maternity leave, and the positions are usually clerical in nature so prior experience in this field is always a bonus - although not essential since these are usually entry level roles.

There are a number of agencies in the Southend on Sea area, but the ones we recommend are TRSP (160 High Street), Brook Street (7 Alexandra Street) and DJS Recruitment (827 Southchurch Road). These companies have been around for many years and have great relationships with many of the local companies in Southend on Sea, so should have no problem finding a position for you in short order.


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