Temp jobs in Sheffield - things you should know

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Even though permanent jobs are currently difficult to find, there is a steady demand for temporary workers. Read on for some useful information on temp jobs in Sheffield.

Temporary jobs

Because many employers are now unable to take on permanent staff due to budget constraints. Temporary contracts offer a number of benefits over permanent roles. They are more flexible and allow you to earn money while looking for your ideal job. They are also good for those who do not want to get tied down to a job.


Business that require a lot of data entry and administration usually employ temporary workers to carry out this work. Because of the large turnover in the call centre sector, employees are usually taken on temporary contracts. The IT sector is also another area where there are often temp jobs available. Many IT projects have lifetimes of between 6 months to a year which make them ideal for temp work. There are also a large number of temporary jobs in the construction industry. Sub contracting is often used in construction with plumbers, carpenters, electricians, etc being required for between three and six months work.


Salaries for temporary jobs in Sheffield generally vary between the different industries and sectors. Temporary workers are often paid an hourly rate. Rates can range from £8 to £12 per hour for administration and data entry work to around £20 to £30 for higher skilled jobs. Temp jobs are often appear to be better paid than permanent ones, however the rate does not include holiday pay, sick pay and all the other benefits associated with permanent positions.

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