Speed up your search temp jobs in Newcastle with this great guide

Every day it seems that more and more people are abandoning the search for full-time work in order to take a different approach to getting back into the workforce. One of these potential solutions that you might consider involves searching for temp work rather than full-time work.

Since many companies are unwilling to hire new staff it makes take a look at some of the options available that will actually result in finding work quickly and efficiently. The most obvious of these solutions is undoubtedly taking a look at some of the temp agencies located in the Newcastle area.

These agencies can help you find temp jobs in Newcastle in no time at all, assuming that you have previous experience working in the clerical sector. On top of previous experience, you will also need to be very comfortable around computers and have strong working knowledge of software packages including Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft outlook.

Since these three software packages are likely to form the basis of your day-to-day work, it is absolutely essential that you have, at very least, a basic knowledge of how they operate. You can expect to earn in the region of £6.30 to £7.15 per hour for your work as a temporary clerical officer, and you will also have the potential of moving into a full-time position should you temporary employer prove to be particularly happy with your contribution during your short-term contract.

We recommend you take a look at these temp agencies in the Newcastle area in order to give yourself the best chance of finding work as quickly as possible;

  • Pertemps, Watson House, New Bridge Street West
  • Central Employment Agency, 34-36 Marys Place
  • Prime Recruitment, Hingham House, Hingham Place
  • Solutions Recruitment, 1 Hood Street


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