Let us help you find temp jobs in Sevenoaks

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Finding temp jobs in Sevenoaks isn't as difficult as you think it might be. Whether you are a professional looking for extra assignments or are an unskilled worker looking to make some extra cash, if you follow our advice, you should have no problem securing your next temp job.

Temp jobs are advertised in the same way as full time or part time positions - so keep an eye on the local media. The Sevenoaks Chronicle is a good place to start searching for jobs as they regularly have jobs advertised from some of the smaller companies in Sevenoaks.

You could also check out some job recruitment websites. Having a copy of your CV on your computer will benefit you greatly as it is much quicker and easier to apply for jobs online. Two of the most popular websites are pertemps.co.uk and uktemps.co.uk.

For the unskilled workforce, finding temporary work will be much easier at peak times. Handing out your CV in the local shopping centres and department stores just before Christmas will give you a good chance of securing seasonal work. The start of summer, just before the colleges finish, is another good time to secure temporary work.

Both the skilled and unskilled workforce could also register with some local recruitment agencies. If there are any available positions, they will let you know after a brief meeting to assess your skills and attributes. Berry Recruitment and Floss Agency are two very well known agencies in the area and are definitely worth a visit.

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