Looking for temp jobs in Hampshire?

If you're on the look out for temp jobs in Hampshire, there are quite a few ways that you can approach the search that won't result in a long drawn out process that is ultimately doomed to end in failure due to the high numbers of people on the unemployment line in the United Kingdom these days.

Rather than going to all the hassle of applying for jobs one by one yourself, often to never hear back from any of them, you can instead take on the services of one of the excellent temp recruitment agencies in the Hampshire area. It is the job of these agencies to ensure that they do everything they can to help you find a temp job that not only suits your needs, but also suits the needs of the company searching for a temporary staff member.

If you have got previous experience working within the clerical sector then you should have absolutely no problem in getting placement using this method. This is due to the fact that the vast majority of companies searching for temp workers tend to be in the clerical field themselves.

If you have never worked in an office environment before, but are able to display a knowledge of some of the computer software used in the job such as Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel then you still stand a good chance of finding a position.

Contracts tend to range from one month to six months in duration, and you can expect to earn around £7.35 per hour. However, it's worth noting that you'll be expected to settle into your new role immediately, without needing to have your hand held, so it's important that you adapt to new surroundings quickly.

We recommend the following temp recruitment agencies in the Hampshire area;

  • P&D Employment, 5 City Road, Winchester
  • Manpower, 17 Jewry Street, Winchester
  • Tate, 12 Southgate Street, Winchester
  • Personnel Selection, 9A High Street, Andover
  • Right 4 Staff Ltd, 27 bridge Street Andover


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