Where to start searching for your new temp job

Finding a temp job in The UK can sometimes be tricky, especially if you don't know where to start your search. According to the latest Labour Force Survey, about 1,421,000 people hold temporary positions in the UK.

There are a number of resons that you might be looking for a temp job. Students who wish to earn extra cash to support their studies often apply for temporary positions. In this case, students can gain valuable work experience whilst still studying.

Other temporary positions that are commonly available may be freelancers or contract workers who are hired for a specific period of time in order to complete an assignment. Accounting consultants and project managers are a great example of this.

UKtemps.co.uk is an excellent place to start your search for a temporary position. They cater for a range of industries including banking, call centres, media, construction and finance. These different industries can be easily searched by just clicking on them. There is also the opportunity to search by country or town. This is extremely useful for anybody who wishes to work in a certain location.

With UKtemps.co.uk you can also create your own profile and attach your CV to this for hundreds of employers to browse through. This can help to take the pain out of searching through hundreds of jobs that you have no interest in!

UKtempjobs.co.uk currently have thousands of vacancies all over the UK. To build your own profile or find your dream job, simply log onto their website.

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