We check out the best temp agencies in London

Have you recently found yourself out of work in London and are you seeking a quick return to the jobs market? Probably the best way for you to achieve this is to dive in with a temp job as they are readily available and your level of qualification or experience won't be a hinderence. We are aiming to smooth your transition to a new position as we check out the best temp agencies in London.

There is simply no better palce on earth to seek a temp job than London. England's capital is awash with opportunity for temping, thanks in no small part to the huge array of temp agencies out there. Some are obviously better than others, and we recommend starting your search with Tate at tate.co.uk. The reason we highly recommend Tate is the fact that they are specialists in both temping and office jobs, so they are dab hands at getting the right candidates into temping jobs. Simply send them on your CV and let their recruitment experts handle the job trawl for you.

Another fantastic agency for temp staff is Tiger Recruitment, and they have a brilliant temp job section on their site at tiger-recruitment.co.uk/temporary-jobs.htm. Tiger are specialist recruiters for most big office job sectors, and as such, can easily place you with a brilliant company in your chosen field. Their dedicated group of recruitment experts is only a phone call away, so this is definitely a site you should be checking out.

Our final suggestion is one that has gained an extremely favourable reputation among the recruitment industry and they are the Office Angels at office-angels.com. This company deal only with placements for office staff, and while they don't focus on temp staff, it is one of their strongest points, so they are well worth a look.

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