Interested in telesales jobs in London?

While there aren't many people among us who enjoy it when a telesales company calls us in order to try and sell some product or other that we don't really need to us, the telesales industry is one that currently offers quite a few job opportunities out for anyone who fancies their hand at cold calling sales positions.

Before you decide that you want to work in telesales jobs in London though, we recommend you fully understand exactly what will be required of you in the positions.

There are no entry level requirements involved - once you can speak fluent English and are able to memorise a script you will be accepted - but there are a number of things you will need if you are to be a success in the role.

Firstly, if you're the type of person who takes things personally, then we recommend you avoid telesales jobs in London. Not only will you be refused sales the vast majority of the time, but you are likely to be abused - often with some particularly colourful language - for having the cheek to call people up during their home time in order to pitch them a sales proposal.

It takes a special kind of mentality to enjoy telesales, but if you are immune to swearing, enjoy a challenge and have strong communication abilities then you should be able to make a pretty penny from the position. The basic wage is rarely above £6.00 per hour, however you'll be able to make additional money from commission should you prove to be successful in your job.

There is no shortage of telesales jobs in London these days, so simply keeping a close eye on the major job sites like totaljobs.com, reed.co.uk, cv-library.co.uk and fish4jobs.co.uk should turn up more than a few vacancies. And with the high level of turnover in the industry, if you can't find anything initially, try again in a week and you should have more luck.


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