Be your own boss with telesales from home!

Does the idea of quitting the daily grind of your 9 to 5 job appeal to you? Telesales jobs from home could be the perfect solution! Here we look at what these jobs involve, what you need to get a job in home based telesales and of course, how much you can expect to earn!

What do telesales jobs from home involve?

Telesales jobs from home involve the same sort of tasks that you would expect with an office based telesales jobs. You'll be making phone calls to potential customers or clients and trying to sell them a product or service.

You'll usually be working from a desktop PC connected to a phone and headset. Most companies will provide you with computer programmes that generate calling lists and information on screen. Others may provide you with a list that you have to dial manually.

Are home based telesales jobs for me?

For many people, the ability to work from home is a huge benefit - especially to stay at home mums or people who live in rural communities.

However it's important to remember that even though you'll be based at home, telesales tends to be a high pressured, target driven job. You'll be expected to meet weekly and monthly sales goals on a regular basis, and are also usually monitored on call time, call handling time and customer satisfaction.

You don't normally require any specific experience for telesales jobs from home, although sales experience and call centre experience are obviously desirable. A friendly, polite demeanour goes a long way too.

How much can I expect to earn with telesales jobs from home?

If you're just starting out in telesales from home, don't expect to get rich overnight. Entry level jobs are often heavily commission based and you're likely to hover around the minimum wage level until you gain more experience. Experienced call agents can earn up to £26,000 per annum working from home.

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