Browse through Telegraph and Argus jobs

Whether you are relocating due to personal or professional reasons, making a career switch might just be what you need. If you are living in Bradford and would like to know what is available in the market, browse through Telegraph and Argus jobs. There is a variety of work that will suit anyone from administrative and secretarial to education and retail jobs.

How to apply

Telegraph and Argus jobs can be found at the website, telegraphandargus.co.uk. Head over to the site and start browsing for jobs now. It is the first website to go to if you are thinking of finding work in Bradford. To start your job search, do the following:

  • Set up an account

Setting up an account on the site is not mandatory, but it would be convenient to have one so you can check your application status as soon as possible. Also, you can receive email alerts and will have the possibility to save searches and jobs including the ability to upload your CV.

  • Search for jobs

Browse through the vacancies which you can filter according to keywords (by position, location and distance). You can also set the filter to narrow down to full-time or part-time occupations. An 'Advanced Search' is also possible. Moreover, there are possibilities to search jobs by industry sector such as accountancy, agriculture, automotive, education & teaching, energy, healthcare, pharmaceutical, sales, science, telecommunication, transportation & logistics and travel. Some of the available jobs on the site include receptionist, teacher, trainee and special education needs coordinator.

  • Apply

Once you find a job that interests you, check the link at the site where you can email your CV directly or click the 'Apply now' button.

Increase your chances of landing a job

When you look for Telegraph and Argus jobs, don’t forget to take full advantage of the site’s resources. These include CV & career tools, interview advice and tips to write a compelling resume. The website is also in partner with CareerBuilder (careerbuilder.com) so potential employers can find you easily.

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