FAQs about telecommuting roles

Telecommuting is a growing trend in many aspects of business. With an increasing focus on the need for businesses to making saves and use their resources efficiently, it's likely that this trend will continue to grow. However, working form home can be confusing. Here we answer some frequently asked questions about telecommuting roles...

FAQs about telecommuting roles

What is telecommuting?

Telecommuting involves working from home, either as an employee or a self employed freelancer. Communication is generally carried out online or over the phone.

Will I have to organise my own taxes?

This depends on your employment status. If you are self employed, it is your responsibility to register with HMRC and to organise your own taxes and national insurance. It is possible to do so online. If you are an employee who works from home for a company, it's likely that the company will organise your taxes.

What sort of jobs can I do via telecommuting?

As technology gets better and better, there are an ever increasing number of jobs that can be done online or via correspondence. Just a few examples include: freelance writing, virtual assistant jobs, telesales, online tutoring, graphic design and proofreading.

What's the best way to find telecommuting jobs?

As you might expect, telecommuting roles are highly sought after and any advertised vacancies tend to receive a high number of applicants. If you are currently employed, the best way to make the switch to telecommuting is to write a strong proposal for your manager or HR department to consider.

Who will be responsible for paying my bills?

This will be covered in the contract for telecommuting roles. It's more common for the employee or freelancer to pay their own bills - which, if work related, may be tax deductible.

How much can I earn with telecommuting roles?

Telecommuters earn anything from minimum wage to over £60,000 - but the lower end of the spectrum is a lot more common.

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