What salary can you expect for teaching jobs in Australia?

Teaching jobs in Australia can be both enjoyable and highly rewarding. Here we provide an overview of what you can expect to earn.

The expected salaries for Australian teaching jobs are governed by a number of factors. The actual amounts will depend on which state the posts are in. Within each there is a sliding scale, depending on factors such as training, experience and the level of teaching.

In New South Wales, the salary awards commence at Step 5 (a teacher trained for 4 years, with typical qualification such as a Bed, or a BA/BTeach), in the range of $56,829.

At Step 6 (5 years training, with typical qualifications such as BA/M Teach), the salary range rises to $59,752.

Salary Step 13 represents the highest salary scale classification for a classroom teacher. The salary here would be about $84,760).

Management experience provides increased rewards. A subject head teacher in a secondary school can expect to earn in the region of $97,500. A deputy principal at a primary or secondary school will make $113,890.

At the peak of the scale are a primary school principal, on $136,200 and a secondary principal, on $145,700.

Non-school positions include a senior education officer, earning $114,500 and a principal education officer, who will make $127,000.

Salaries do differ from state to state. In South Australia, the starting salary at Step 5 would be in the region of $52,000. In Queensland, a teacher with 4 years training will earn around $78,200. An experienced senior teacher will earn in the region of $80,100.


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