How to find a job teaching English abroad this summer

Want to escape the dreary British weather and escape to the sun this summer? Teaching English abroad in summer is one of the most popular ways for students to spend a couple of months in a foreign country, and earn some money doing it. Here we offer some tips to help you find positions...

  • The majority of Teaching English as a Foreign Language jobs require third level qualifications, a TEFL, CELTA, TESOL or DELTA certificate, and teaching experience. However, there are also plenty of great positions that don't require these - so don't be disheartened if you don't match that criteria. Just be aware that you'll usually have to pass up the better paid positions.
  • Also many jobs require a commitment for a full school year, so summer jobs are rather limited. The best time to find these short term jobs is in countries that have summer terms, in summer schools and in camps.
  • Summer is one of the most desirable times for students and others to look for work abroad. If you want to secure a position, apply as early as possible (some companies and schools advertise up to a year in advance) to beat the competition.
  • Check out the situation with visas. If you're going to be earning money outside of the EU, you'll probably need one. Is the employer going to arrange your visa or are you? Do you qualify for a short term working visa? Never be tempted to work illegally - it's just not worth the risk. Be sure to look into visas as early as possible - it will save you from heartache if you discover you're not eligible after you receive a great job offer.


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