Teaching assistant job interview - top tips

If you're looking for employment as a teaching assistant, it's never too early to begin planning your interview strategy. Teaching assistant jobs can be competitive - particularly in these tough economic times when all jobs are at a premium. We bring you some teaching assistant job interview tips to help you start preparing for the application process and to help land your dream job.

  • If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail. Before the job interview, conduct thorough research on the school. There's nothing worse for employers than sitting through an interview where the candidate demonstrates absolutely no knowledge or enthusiasm for the school. What makes this school different from its neighbours? Does it have any specialisms? How has it changed in the last ten years? And of course, who is the head teacher and what is their vision for the school?
  • Read over your CV before you go into the interview. Lots of teaching assistants have gained experience in very piecemeal manners - perhaps a two month teaching work experience placement, a one afternoon a weekly assistant role, a summer school job... Make sure that all the dates are clear in your head so that you can summarise your experience accurately and impressively.
  • Show enthusiasm. Anyone in the teaching profession, whether they are teachers or teaching assistants, must demonstrate passion for educating and a strong desire to help kids reach their potential.
  • If you would like to progress to a teaching role, let the panel know. Don't be afraid to show ambition - it shows that you're dedicated to your chosen career path.


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