How to use teachers' worksheets to print

What kinds of worksheets?

There are many teachers' worksheets to print off the web and most of these are available free of charge. Some common printables you can find are:

  1. Letter and number tracing
  2. Colouring pages
  3. Connecting number to number or letter to letter
  4. Storybooks
  5. Invitations
  6. Note papers
  7. Game sheets

That is just an exhaustive list of printables. You can even print out lesson plans, forms and so many other kinds of activity pages.

How can I use them?

Let them aid in your lesson planning of course. Now you don't have to scratch your head for what is the next thing to do. These printables can be incorporated into your lessons too. With more variety, there is more fun and more to look forward to for everyone.

How to include these into my lessons?

You can select your printables thematically for instance. If you are teaching about Easter celebration, use the letter 'E' and 'e' for tracing or writing. Use an Easter colouring page for art or do an Easter related craft. Print out an Easter storybook to read to the class and let the children write pretend Easter invitation cards.

Where to print?

Go to Curriki.org and Superteacherworksheets.com for thousands of free printables for different grades and subjects.

What else do I need to know?

A teacher earns from 20,000 to 40,000 pounds per year. A fresh graduate earns less and a London teacher earns more. But being a teacher is much more than that. A good teacher can be inspiring and printables are one way to do that.


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