Teach English with TEFL courses

Obtaining a TEFL certificate is the first step towards teaching English to non native speakers. TEFL refers to Teaching English as a Foreign Language, and TEFL careers involve teaching students of all ages whose first language is not English. TEFL teachers often work overseas.

TEFL course requirementsTEFL course requirements

In order to teach English in most countries, you are required to obtain a TEFL certificate by completing at least a four week intensive course of around 120 hours. The course aims to provide teaching techniques and methods that can be used in practice.

These techniques are designed to be used in the classroom with non English speakers. Before getting a certificate you must first pass six out of seven teaching assignments along with completing three language awareness tests.

What you will learn on a TEFL course

Some of the teaching techniques and strategies you will learn on a TEFL course include:

  • Classroom management and time management
  • Lesson planning and structure
  • Language awareness - this includes using phonetics and grammar
  • Theory

The theory part of the course involves communicative language teaching and material on the three P's - present, practice and produce. You will be continually assessed and marked throughout the course.

Most organisations offering the course require a grade of 60% and above before awarding a TEFL certificate. The grade is relatively high in order to maintain high standards of teaching.

What to look for in a TEFL course

Always research the course provider to make sure that they are properly accredited. If possible, opt for a course that includes work experience.


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