Syco Entertainment: Simon Cowell's company is offering casting calls

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If you want to be in show business and you’ve got a particular talent you might be able to find your place in the world of entertainment with Syco. This is a Simon Cowell company so you shouldn’t be surprised to read that the new talent department of Syco Entertainment is open for business right now and offering casting calls for a collection of different talents.

Syco Talent is casting all day, every day for TV projects that are in the currently in the works. This is a department that’s always on the outlook for future stars and will nurture talent to smooth out any rough edges. If you’re an aspiring dancer, singer or actor, they’ll want to hear from you and getting yourself involved with a firm like Syco can’t do your career any harm at all.

At the moment, they’re offering casting calls for entertainers, singers and comedians but you can be sure that they’ll be opening themselves up to other forms of entertainment over the coming weeks. Applicants for casting calls have to give their contact details and have a profile picture ready but other than that, Syco are making it pretty easy for you to get a chance to shine. The adverts state that no previous experience is needed and that applicants can be anything from 18 to 99 years old.

This is the firm behind X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent so they’re always looking to sign the next big thing. If that’s you, what are you waiting for? Simon Cowell has launched acts like One Direction, so Syco is the sort of company that likes to nurture talent and take it to the top. Syco Entertainment casting information is available through the firm’s official Facebook page and various online talent agencies. You could be just a few clicks away from realising your dream.

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