Find out how to find a Swansea employment opportunity

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For a long time, it was nearly impossible to find new jobs on the market. Thankfully, things are starting to look better and you can now find new opportunities again. There are loads of places to look when searching for your next Swansea employment opportunity. For the quickest results, try a combination of the following:

Recruitment agencies

Call into any recruitment agency in Swansea to see what they have on offer. An experienced recruitment consultant will compare your skills with the requirements of any available jobs. If there is a match, they will offer you an interview. If not, your CV will be kept on file until more suitable positions become available. Call into any of these agencies:

  • Prosper Recruitment - St. Mary's Square, Swansea
  • Cymru Recruitment - 31 The Kingsway, Swansea
  • Adecco - 69 The Kingsway, Swansea

Recruitment websites

Job websites are an excellent way of finding the latest available positions, especially when looking for full time employment. There are several local job websites in Swansea for you to browse. One of our favourites is swanseajobs.co.uk. You will find hundreds of great opportunities that are updated throughout the day. When looking at the bigger job sites, we recommend jobisjob.co.uk.

Local media

Keeping an eye on the local newspapers is always a good idea. You will find several different newspapers in Swansea that advertise jobs, the best being the Swansea Evening Post. Some local radio stations also advertise recent jobs. Check out Swansea Bay Radio for bulletins every hour.


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