Applying for Swansea County Council Jobs

At Swansea County Council, applicants can find a wide variety of jobs ranging from entry level opportunities to professional and senior administrative positions. Choose from one of the council's many departments, including housing, environment, leisure, transport, health and education. Examples of vacancies at the time of writing include foster carers, school crossing patrols, estates valuers, technical assistants, teaching assistants, night carers and research and information workers.

Where to find Swansea County Council Jobs Advertised

Applicants can search for jobs and download application forms from the Swansea County Council "Jobs" web page. Teaching jobs are posted on a separate web page, but links to both pages can be found on the Swansea County Council website. All Swansea job centres and libraries also maintain a copy of the current vacancy bulletin, and teaching positions may also be advertised in the individual schools.

When Jobs are Added to the Vacancy Bulletin

Vacant Swansea City Council jobs are posted online and added to the general vacancy bulletin on a bi-weekly basis on Fridays. Teaching vacancies are posted on a continuous basis. Job applicants can sign up for vacancy email alerts on the Swansea City Council Jobs and Careers web page.

Submitting Your Application

Job applications should be submitted by mail or in person. The closing date for most jobs is at 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, and applications submitted after this time will not be accepted for processing. The council advises candidates to mail applications by Tuesday to ensure delivery by the Friday deadline. Don't send a CV, as it will not be considered. Instead, transfer the relevant information to the official application form.

Pre-Employment Requirements for Swansea County Council Jobs

Prior to beginning work, successful applicants will be required to provide evidence of their national identity number, complete a criminal records bureau check and full reference check, fill out a medical questionnaire and -- depending on the answers -- pass a medical examination.

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