Working for the Community with Swansea City Council Jobs

If you're looking for a job where you can be involved with Swansea's rich cultural heritage and vibrant city scene -- including the new waterfront and city centre developments -- you may want to explore the listings of Swansea City Council jobs on the council website.

Swansea Demographics - Swansea has a population of almost 250,000 residents, with another 1.5 million people within an hour's drive. With its picturesque waterfront, sweeping countryside and plentiful shopping and restaurants, Swansea nets over £300 million in revenue from tourism each year.

Swansea City Council Jobs and Opportunities - Swansea City Council jobs are as varied as the city itself. Council employees work in divisions as varied as social services, education, housing and development, sports and leisure, engineering and traffic, to name just a few. The city itself is undergoing a billion pound redevelopment to create additional amenities for the area.

Benefits and Perks - Swansea City Council offers a variety of benefits for its employees. The Council may provide flexible working arrangements -- such as part time, term time only, and teleworking -- for parents of children under 16. Additional perks include a relocation allowance, pension and competitive pay scales.

Apprenticeships - Young adults and others with limited work experience may be interested in an apprenticeship provided by Swansea City Council. Jobs include traditional apprenticeships based on vocational qualifications, and work preparation programmes which allow successful incumbents to sample their ideal job with the council.

Where to Find Swansea City Council Jobs - Applicants can apply for Swansea City Council jobs directly through the Council website. Make sure you never miss out on an opportunity by subscribing to the Council vacancy bulletin alerts (sign up on the Swansea City Council jobs website).

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