Interested in a support worker job?

A support worker job is one of the most challenging positions there is, but also one of the most rewarding. Support workers provide a range of services to vulnerable people.

People with severe mental health issues and learning disabilities rely heavily on support workers in order to lead a good quality life. Autism, schizophrenia, ADD, OCD and depression are just some of the illnesses that support workers need to have an understanding of.

Support workers are employed mainly in clinics, residential homes and nursing homes. Many support workers also provide services to people in supported housing.

The duties that support workers provide in supported housing include washing, preparing meals, shopping, assistance when going to the toilet and helping with general household chores.

Support workers in nursing and residential homes carry out many of the same duties, however, a lot more emphasis is placed on facilitating interaction between the patients.

There are no specific qualifications required to work as a support worker. However, some places will expect you to have a GNVQ in health and social care. If you don't possess this, you can still pick up a support worker job and the employer may help you to achieve this.

Working in a challenging environment, there are some skills that are essential for support workers to possess. The ability to cope with people suffering from a mental illness, being able to empathise with people in care and offering emotional support to people in need are some of the key skills that a good support worker will possess.

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