We are taking a look at supermarket jobs in Leeds

If you are a student looking for a summer job or someone just looking for part time or full time employment, we may have the solution for you. Supermarkets are a great place to look for employment opportunities as they have many different positions and are always looking for some help. And lucky for you, we will be discussing some possible supermarket jobs in Leeds.

You may think, "What kind of jobs are there at a supermarket?". Well you would be surprised at the variety of different positions there are. First you must ask yourself how much contact you want to have with the foods being sold. If you think you are one of those people who would like to help make some of the fresh goods that are sold, then we suggest you take a look at working in the bakery.

They bakery is a fun place to work as long as you are careful when handling the dough and working with the ovens. As a baker, you will help supply the store with fresh breads, baked goods like cookies and pastries, and you will also have some interaction with customers when they order specialized cakes.

If baking doesn't sound too appealing for you, then why not apply to become a stock person.  This will allow you to still mingle with customers while stocking up the shelves and making sure the products are in a neat fashion.

If you are looking for a lot more customer interaction, the best place for you to be is up on cash. As a cashier, you will help customers bag their groceries as well as handling money. For this position you will need to make sure you are very personable and quick with bagging.

Some local supermarkets you may want to take a look at are:

Morrisons Store43 Merrion CentreLeeds0113 242 2575

Sainsbury's Supermarkets30 Woodhouse Lane Leeds0113 259 8620

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