Looking for a great Sunderland employment opportunity?

The city of Sunderland has seen a massive regeneration effort in recent years and there it has created a wealth of Sunderland employment opportunities. The Sunniside area of the city has benefited the most from the re-development effort with a range of bars, restaurants, cafes and shops springing up in the area.

Two of the most important additions to Sunderland, in terms of employment opportunities are the Empire Cinema and Gala Casino. There are always vacancies to take advantage of in these venues.

Ticket attendants and cleaners are the most common positions available in the Empire Cinema. The great thing about these positions is you can walk into them without having a ton of qualifications or experience on your CV.

The Gala Casino presents an even greater number of Sunderland job opportunities. Card dealers, or croupiers as they're also known, make up the bulk of the vacancies.

Again, job seekers don't require any specific qualifications for these positions, but being familiar with casino games such as Texas hold 'em, blackjack, Omaha, roulette and five card stud, among others, is essential. Most card dealers specialise in one or two games, so don't worry if you think you'll never get your head around every casino game.

Wages for card dealers depend on the tips the casino receives. They're usually pooled between all the dealers employed by the casino and, on top of the minimum wage paid by the casino, can amount to a substantial pay packet at the end of a good week.

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