Find your ideal job with the Sunderland Echo jobs site

The Sunderland Echo is one of the longest running local newspapers in the United Kingdom, having printed its first edition on December 22nd 1973 (although it was then known as The Sunderland Echo and Shipping Gazette). Since then it has grown from its initial run of just 1,000 copies to a far more impressive 40,000 daily, with an estimated readership of over 100,000.

Like most modern publications however, the arrival of the internet has meant that the newspaper had to adjust its approach to allow for the new digital medium. Although it still prints from Monday to Saturday at its top of the range printing facility, the entire newspaper can be read online at their website, which is found at www.sunderlandecho.com.

The publication covers all aspects of life, focussing on the North East primarily, but also covering national and international stories of interest. Perhaps the fastest growing section of the website is its community section though.

Featuring announcements, greetings, readers' letters, nostalgia, local photography and much more, the main focus for this section is undoubtedly its well rounded classifieds section. In here you'll find items for sale including cars and property, promotions from local travel agents offering cheap holidays, and most importantly of all, an excellent section for job seekers.

Once you've registered an account you'll be able to upload your CV, making applying for listed jobs a piece of cake. They feature recruiters including Morrisons, Barclays, Pokerstars and Whittle Jones to name but a few, and have a huge selection of local jobs making Sunderland Echo jobs the first port of call for anyone seeking employment in the Sunderland area.

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