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The retail industry is one of the most important employers in Sunderland. Many of the biggest names in retail have a presence in Sunderland and this creates excellent employment opportunities in the city. Sunderland Asda jobs jobs are available to everyone and can be easily found.

If you're looking for a job in Asda in Sunderland, the best thing to do is drop into the store and pick up an application form. Asda is located on the Leechmere Road in Sunderland.

Once you've completed the application form, drop it back into the store and follow it up with a phone call a few days later. This will demonstrate your enthusiasm for a job to Asda.

The great thing about looking for a job in the retail industry is you don't need a long list of qualifications to be considered for a job. And experience, while preferred, is not essential either.

Wages for general operatives in Asda usually begin at the minimum wage. However, as the store in Sunderland is open for 24 hours during the week, there's plenty of over-time you can avail of to bulk up your pay packet. Or if you're willing to work night shifts during the week, you'll be paid at the over-time rate for all the hours you do.

It's not a bad idea to keep a close eye on recruitment websites when you're looking for Asda jobs in Sunderland. My Sunderland Jobs, Total Jobs and Job is Job are a few of the leading agencies who will be among the first to hear of any vacancies in the store.


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