Make the most of summer work experience placements

Summer work experience placements are one of the best ways to start or change your career, and they look great on your CV. As the old saying goes, 'you get out what you put in'!

  • Turn up your first day in plenty of time, smartly dressed and with well-planned ideas about what you would like to do and learn.
  • Don't be surprised if your main duties are coffee making and errand running, particularly if your internship is in a desirable industry like media. Remember that just being there and experiencing the working environment is a learning experience. Remain professional, courteous and do whatever you can to help.
  • Ask questions, but don't make a nuisance of yourself. If you have questions about a task that is assigned to you, ask your supervisor. Leave other questions (like how people got into the industry or the different types of roles available) to set meetings or casual chats in the lunch room.
  • Take every opportunity you are offered. If you are offered a chance to shadow someone in a different department, for example, you will gain a better insight into how the company is structured.
  • Make friends with someone - it's good to have someone who will give an honest opinion rather than an official line.
  • Work hard, show enthusiasm and offer to help wherever you can.
  • Buy a box of chocolates and a thank you card on the last day on of the internship. Follow it up with a thank you letter and ask them to keep you informed of future opportunities.
  • Ask a manager if you can count on them for a reference.


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