How to gain summer work experience for students

Getting summer work experience for students

The summer holidays is a good time to get some work experience. A student gets to enrich her life experience and the money can be simply icing on the cake. Even if you are working as an unpaid intern, you get experience all the same.

Write for a content site

If are studying journalism, apply to a content site and write short articles. Many sites work on the basis of revenue sharing, which is mostly dependent on ad clicks generated by the site readers. Even if you earn little to nothing, you get feedback from helpful editors, access to a members' forum and many other writing tools. You will get a chance to polish up your writing.

Do graphic designing

If you know graphic designing, try bidding for jobs on a job bidding site. Learn how to build a good profile that gets you noticed and write proposals that get you hired. The bidding war can be harsh when you see how some freelancers are willing to slash their rates. Your circumstances may be different from them but you will learn how to deal with clients and get a chance to build your portfolio all the same.

Be a tutor

Is there one or two subjects that you are good at? Why not volunteer your time and teach at a local centre for underprivileged kids or orphans? This forms part of your working experience which you can list on your CV when applying for jobs in the future.


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