CV tips for summer work

Summer work is becoming an essential part of student life. But if you are applying for your first job, you might find it hard to write a good CV. Here are a few tips to help...

Be honest. Employers won't expect you to have lots of experience. If you can demonstrate that you are a hard worker and eager to learn, you will be able to find a job.Keep it brief. When you don't have much work experience to discuss, it can be tempting to waffle and try to expand other sections. A hospitality employer doesn't need to know the name of your dissertation unless it's relevant to hospitality.

Have a clear layout. For students without much work experience, we suggest the following sections: Contact details, personal profile, education, experience, achievements.

  • Contact details - use your name as the heading, then give your home address, email address, home phone number and mobile phone number.
  • Personal profile - try to keep this to two or three sentences. It should be a summary of who you are, what you are looking for and what you can offer.
  • Education - keep this section quite brief; casual employers don't really need to know the details. List your main qualifications to date and include what you are currently studying and the expected date of graduation. Highlight any excellent grades.
  • Experience - Even if you have no formal work experience, try to include a couple of bullet points that relate to the jobs you apply for. With student jobs, it's usually best to organise them by skill rather than role. For example, if you are applying for a café job, you might include the bullet points: cash handling (and discuss your charity fund raising experience), team working (and discuss your sports team) and any customer service experience you may have.
  • Achievements - Only include this section if you have something impressive to write. Achievements could include scholarships, major sporting accolades or any other awards that would make you stand out from the crowd.


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