Head Abroad for Summer School Jobs in Europe

The summer is here and so is your chance to get out of the UK for a few months and meet some great people while getting paid. Each and every summer there are hundreds of opportunities to find summer school jobs in Europe. Lets take a look at some of the best places to look for this type of work.

Summer Work Available all over Europe

Season Workers is a great place to start when checking out what kind of summer school jobs are available around Europe. There are jobs to suit all levels of skill from teaching, counselling, managing and coordinating school activities. Season Workers also have a list of seasonal work available in other sectors such as barwork, skiing and customer service. Visit www.seasonworkers.com to search for summer school work.

Village Camps (www.villagecamps.com) is a company that hosts summer education camps in six countries including Austria, France and Switzerland in Europe as well as having camps in both Canada and the United States. The camps tend to be aimed at kids and teenagers and the atmosphere is geared toward learning while having fun. You can apply for a job as a counsellor at www.villagecamps.com/personnel by clicking on your desired location and filling in the application form.

TEFL England can place you in schools in many European countries including Germany, Russia and Turkey for the duration of the summer. They have a fantastic job centre section on their website www.teflengland.co.uk/tefl-jobs-uk-europe.asp that lists vacancies by country. They also list important information such as the duration of contracts and whether a position is paid or voluntary.

Don't Put all your Eggs in One Basket

If you are looking for summer school jobs in Europe at the moment then remember that there are loads of positions out there. This means that it is a sellers market and that you do not have to take the first low paying job you find. Keep a cool head and make a list of all appealing positions. From there, you can calculate which would be the most rewarding for you this summer.

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