Looking for summer nanny jobs abroad?

Summer nanny jobs abroad can be very rewarding, but they also take a good deal of organising. Here are some things that you will have to consider...


Before you set your heart on working as a nanny abroad, check out the visa situation for the country you want to work in. If you're a British citizen you are entitled to work in other EU countries, but if you want to work in a country outside the EU you will need a working visa.


Many nanny jobs abroad offer live in accommodation - but not all do. It's a good idea to organise your accommodation before you go, so that you don't end up spending all your earnings on hotel accommodation if you can't find somewhere to live.

How to find nanny jobs abroad

Nanny jobs are usually with private employers, so you won't find them advertised on national job websites. Instead, keep an eye out on forums and free advertising sites (like Gumtree or the country's equivalent). You should also try to get hold of a local newspaper - the classifieds section can be a great place to find summer nanny jobs.

What you need for summer nanny jobs abroad

Nanny jobs don't usually require any formal qualifications or training, but a qualification in childcare will really set you apart form the competition. You can also boost your chances of finding a job by taking a short first aid course. Experience with working with children is preferred. This can range from babysitting to teaching.


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