We look at the best summer jobs in Toulouse France

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Working in France for a summer is a great way to meet new people whilst still making money at the same time. There are loads of summer jobs in Toulouse, France for you to choose from.

A popular choice for younger people is working in campsites. France is a popular destination for tourists and their campsites are mostly full all summer long. You won't earn much more than the national minimum wage of €7 per hour working here but you will get discounted accommodation. Check out resortjobs.co.uk/jobs/france for more information

Grape Picking is a brilliant way of making money quick. Finding a job as a grape picker is simple. All of the major websites and newspapers will have advertisements for this position. The summertime is the best time to find these jobs and again, you won't earn too much more than the minimum wage. You can find loads of fruit picker jobs at pole-emploi.fr.

Bar work can be picked up relatively easy in Toulouse in one of the many bars or clubs. There are loads of wine bars in the streets that need an extra pair of hands to help out during the summer. The tips can be great in some of these bars. Simply take a walk around town and apply to as many bars as you can.

You will find loads of summer jobs in Toulouse, France advertised on job websites and local newspapers. You should check out some of the following websites for a wide range of jobs:

  • Francejobs77.com
  • summerjobsabroad.co.uk.

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