Seasonal Summer Jobs for Students in Brighton

Now that the summer has arrived and school is officially out it is a great time for students to pick up some work for the summer. We have looked around a little and spotted a few summer jobs that students in Brighton could pick up to boost their wallet capacity.

Get Your Search Started Online

Despite the state of the economy, there are still plenty of summer jobs open to students in Brighton in a variety of fields. These include data entry positions, bar and restaurant work, customer service jobs and even some payed internships that will look great on your cirriculum vitae.

Indeed UK offers one of the most effective web searches for part time and full time summer work. Simply input Brighton into the where field and type student summer in the what field and you will instantly access dozens of jobs aimed at Brigton students. If you are a little more specific about the type of work you would like to do then type this into the what field instead and you will get a list of suitable positions. Visit www.indeed.co.uk and search student positions in Brighton.

E4S is an online service that advertises jobs soley aimed at students. You can set up your very own Brighton summer jobs alerts where new job postings are sent to your email address every day. If you are unable to find a job in Brighton there is a useful section that can hook you up with work abroad or even a section to help you plan a gap year. There is a whole range of information and advice for students looking to work at www.e4s.co.uk.

Try Gumtree

Another rich resource for advertising and finding summer jobs aimed at students in Brighton is www.gumtree.com/brighton. Job postings usually don't hang around on Gumtree for long as students quickly snap them up but checking in each day should see you catching a glimpse of lots of promising summer work opportunities.

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